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How we changed the experience around “running errands” through gofer.

More about application

It is a place where local producers can easily and quickly identify reliable partners that are willing to sell and promote their products so that they can reach new customers. On the other hand, Trace One Network, helps retail markets boost their sales and keep up with the ever-changing market trends through selling products that are in line with consumer needs.



Time spend:

8000+ hours



Technology stack:

Java, PHP, C#, Symfony 3, Drupal 8, RabbitMQ, Redis

Our Challenges

After a lot of brainstorming and detailed requirement gathering, we decided to design two apps for Gofer. One was the user app and the other one was a driver app. The biggest challenge while designing this was to keep the experience around the user journey similar and relevant to each user.

For example one of the key aspects of the app, as you can see in the user flow diagram, was when the user placed an order after paying a token amount to the driver, some things can be out of stock or low in quantity. The driver would then notify the user with a ballpark estimation of the items as well as inform them of the unavailable items. The user can either confirm the order or decline it.

Keeping this flow simple as well as designing the interface in a minimal and user-friendly manner so that the users can quickly get the correct information in time and take relevant actions was what made this challenging for our team.

Purchase & Deliver Flow

Core UX Fundamentals

Nearby Vendor Listing

While placing the order on Gofer app, we provided users the option to order from nearby stores or search a store based on their preference. To enhance the overall experience as well as generate revenue for our client, we suggested that he introduce offers and discounts for nearby stores in the home screen.

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